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1. You get access to MKL Levels Indicator. Which has Support, Resistance (Supply / Demand) and Inflection Zones, which act as TP, SL and Trailing SL.

2. You get access to Swinger 2.0 indicator, which has BUY and SELL Signals.

2. A 30 min video explaining the indicator in detail.

3. Proper guidance as to when to buy, when to sell, how to avoid sideways market, how to take advantage of trending market, take-profit, stop-loss.

4. No-trade / Inflection zone avoidance, everything related to that.

5. Multi-timeframe confirmation trades.

6. Pyrammiding trades as and when necessary.

6 months

₹7,999.00 Regular Price
₹5,599.30Sale Price
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